Alex White
Alex trained in dancing while living in Argentina. Originally inspired by his Latino friends at school. He has trained with and learned from dozens of well-known and accomplished teachers such as Osvaldo Zotto, Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas & Pablo Veron (stars of "The Tango Lesson"), as well as over 40 other teachers, including in Australasia: Fabio Robles, David Backler, Miriam & Graciela, and Graham Dallow. He has been teaching since 1997 with his dance partner  Olga Gladkikh 
and assistants in Wellington with Tango and Salsa classes several times a week, also dance styles Bachata and Zouk-Lambada.  Since 2008 has been helping with the operations of Wellington's longest running dance studio party, since 1994, 'The Salsadrome, Zoukarama and Tango Milonga' a dance event.

Alex has competed and judged in a number of competitions, both in New Zealand and Argentina, coming first in a salsa competition in Buenos Aires, as well as placed in several competitions in New Zealand, some of the highlights have included performing on national T.V. several times both in New Zealand & Argentina - as well as starring in sell-out shows for Wellington's fringe festival including "Tangomania" and "Penas del Bandoneon".

Alex greatly enjoys teaching with Olga and assistants; together they cover many of the different styles of tango in both open & close embrace styles, and he loves to perform Tango Salon /Nuevo, as well as Argentine folkloric dances and Salsa. His teaching manner is very relaxed and patient, with emphasis on fluidity and enjoyment. Alex and Olga recently performed together in the sell-out 2007 tango show "Backwards in high heels" directed by Rachel Moore at the prestigious Circa theatre in Wellington. They are regularly involved with community and corporate functions and shows.



Olga Gladkikh 

Born in Russia Olga started dancing at 5 years old. Since then it has been an almost continuous life of training, competitions and stage performances in folk dance, classical, modern and, later, jazz, sport and acrobatic dance. Along with this she studied, performed and competed in figure skating, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics. Olga moved to New Zealand and discovered Tango here. Since then she has been learning, performing, choreographing and teaching it non-stop. Olga is very grateful to her Argentinean, New Zealand, English and Australian teachers for helping her to shape her tango-vision. with especially warm feelings to Christine Dennison, Miriam Cuperman, David Backler, and Graham Dallow for watching her first steps as a tango dancer and a teacher and to George Nicholson and Jacqueline Drakeford for helping her to understand the nuances of dancing with a partner and perfect her steps on the dance floor.

Olga has staged 7 large theatrical shows as a co-director, choreographer and even once as a play writer and choreographed hundreds of small tango numbers for couples and formation teams shown in the classes, workshops, performances and various dance competitions. Olga's teaching style is based on a balanced integration of "physics" and "physique". Being an accomplished scientist and a professionally trained teacher as well as a dancer, she can break down each figure into its simple elements and clearly explain the way the body should work to achieve smooth and precise movement with balance and style. Olga's style in dancing is dramatic, vibrant and often flamboyant. She likes experimenting, creating new moves and flying "outside the square". Together with her dance partner Alex White she had performed nationwide in New Zealand and was involved in several theatrical gala-performances and film productions.