(last updated 8th Jan 2019)

This timetable is for Wellington classes.

Newcomers & casual attendance are always welcome and you can brush up with a private lesson (needed if after second 
week of course).

Bookings are essential 
- to book in send us an email or use the booking form.

Also do you want to get good fast?
come and learn privately Stage Tango - the show and competition style of dance, at your own pace.

Please note:
Details may be subject to change, and to minimum and maximum numbers as courses may become full or cancelled.

TUESDAY  - Argentine Tango

Starts 29th Jan 2019   
Next courses start: 
29th Jan - 19th March (8 weeks)
26th March - 14th May (8 Weeks)

Held at Full Swing, 80 Cuba Street, Wellington
(above Glassons, entrance is upstairs next to cafe Pasha)
<look at venue location>

6.30 - 7.30pm Beginners & Improvers Argentine Tango
7.30 - 8.30pm Intermediate & advanced Argentine Tango 

8 Week Course fee: $110, couple $200
Casual/per class $15. (provided not fully booked)

The Tango courses mainly focus on Argentine Tango. Other Tango dance styles Milonga and Vals (aka tango waltz) are also taught, mainly in open embrace, with some close embrace. a mix of traditional with modern styles of Tango Nuevo. A suitable foundation for both social dancing and performance / stage tango dancing. 

WEDNESDAY -   Latin Dance (salsa & tango)

Next Course start dates: 13th Feb & 16th Oct 2019

Held at Wellington High School, Dance Studio
249 Taranaki Street, Mt Cook, Wellington <look at venue location>

7:45 – 8.45 pm Beginners & Improvers Latin dance immersion (8 Weeks)

Course fee:
This is an Introductory intensive course We’ll be focusing on Salsa (linear)  and Tango, but will also look at the basics of other common Latin dance styles: Merengue, Bachata, Kizomba and Zouk.


Salsadrome & Tango Milonga social dance party

Next Party info on social events page

Daytime classes at Vic Uni - Kelburn

Courses for Beginners & Improvers
Learn Salsa, Tango, Merengue, Bachata, Zouk in the dance room, Recreation Centre, Victoria University. 
Next courses start date TBA


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Concession cards are also available!

Private lessons: 

For 1-2 people = same rate
for a block of four prepaid lessons its $240 + venue hire*
a casual one off lesson is $80 + venue hire*

cheaper rates available for regular weekly lessons 

Venue hire differs depending on time and venues availability usually $25-$35/hr - could use your lounge if that suits better, will incur extra travel costs though depending on location.

Also please note: once booked in, 96 hours cancellation notice is required otherwise venue hire payment may be required.

Group classes:  standard rates

Five class card $70 - ($60 for Students with ID)
Ten class card: $130 - ($110 for Students with ID)
Forty class card: $450 - ($380 for Students with ID)
Casual class: $15-$25

If it makes it easier for you, you can pay over a several weeks - come and chat with us!

Class level description
The main focus for this level is on: dance fundamentals including leading and following, technique, posture, musicality and embrace. introducing basic combinations of moves.

Intermediate / Advanced:

This level follows on from the beginners classes, developing more sophisticated and improvised combinations, building on floorcraft skills and musicality.

Private lessons
Taking private lessons will accelerate your learning and combined with regular class attendance will help you to be confident on the dance floor.
Contact us now to arrange a suitable time: tel / text: 021 8482 53     E-mail: vivalatinadance@yahoo.co.nz with "private lessons" as the subject 

Class locations in Wellington:

Webb Street Dance Studios, level one - 22 Webb Street, Wellington (above the Locksmiths)
Full Swing Studio, 80 Cuba St (above Glassons) entrance is next to VKs Bar & cafe pasha, upstairs at 60 Dixon st)
Wellington High School, Dance Studio, 249 Taranaki Street, Mt Cook, Wellington
Victoria University - Recreation Centre, Kelburn, Wellington (dance room)



Learning to dance the Argentine Tango is a challenging, yet extremely rewarding experience; it is great way to exercise and is highly beneficial to ones emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. People from all walks of life come to our group lessons to learn and perfect their Tango. Our group lessons are not just academic; you will discover a fun and vibrant social club and an unrivalled atmosphere. It is very easy to start learning Tango with us. A partner is not necessary for any group lesson and you don't need any special clothes or shoes at least initially. Our main aim is to teach you the language of Tango so you can feel free to express yourself. By being able to improvise, you will be dancing Tango the way it is supposed to be danced in an improvised way, and not as choreography.

There is no age limit to Tango; everyone from the ages of 16 to 90+ can dance Tango. In fact if you can walk you can dance!

The Argentine Tango has recently been named as part of the world's intangible cultural heritage of humanity by the United Nations see this link for more info http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/videos/2931428,


want to get good at performance Tango? 
here are a few links of Performance Tango we have done recently

Tango Festival 2013 (demo starts about 1min 10 sec)


Tango Festival 2010



Suitable for absolute beginners with no prior dance experience or with only a smattering of tango moves. The classes are taught in a relaxed and sociable environment, where the main aim is to have fun while learning one of the most amazing dances in the world Musicality, connection, technique and partnering will be emphasized with all concepts and steps taught in this course.



This level will cover a lot of general technique, as well as all the basic patterns that will enable you to start dancing socially with confidence. We will continue exploring the walk improving navigational skills, the embrace, musicality, as well as starting to introduce pivoting and other new and exciting elements.


These classes are aimed at those who are proficient in tango fundamentals, come along to improve your musicality rhythm and style while bringing your own personality into your dancing. We will be teaching several components including boleos, sacadas, ganchos, fluid turns in both the open and close embrace, and changes of direction. Musicality, connection and technique will be emphasized with all concepts and steps.


Private classes are an effective way to accelerate your learning. By taking a private one-to-one class with us, you are investing in tuition tailored to your level and preferred path of progress. You benefit by being in an environment where you are expertly coached and immediately corrected, preventing bad habits from forming, that could otherwise take months or years to correct.


Terms and conditions:

Course details may be subject to change, being cancelled or booked out. 

while safety is important to us, we are not liable for any injuries you may receive while attending our courses

Refunds and Transfers (Cancellation Policy)

If a course doesn’t get enough enrolments to go ahead, we’ll let you know and will give you a full refund or suggest a transfer to another course.

If you find you can’t attend a course you’ve enrolled for, as long as you let us know before it starts, we may be able to transfer you to another one in that year. There’s no fee for transfers.

If you do have to cancel your registration and give us a week’s notice, you’ll get a 90% refund. If you cancel during the week before the course starts, it’s 50%. We’re sorry but there are no refunds after a course has started. Refunds go back to you via bank transfer, we’ll ask you for your bank account details. 

Concession cards are only able to be transferred in exceptional circumstances such as serious injury.

If you have to miss a session, it’s not possible to catch up on another course (and you can’t send another person in your place). We reserve the right to refuse or cancel enrolments.


El tango no está en los pies. Está en el corazón  -  Tango is not in the feet it is in the heart