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We are based in Wellington, New Zealand

Dance is so important in the world. It needs no language. Our bodies speak a language of their   own -Ibrahim Farrah

Argentine Tango has become a way of life for millions of people around the world since its beginning in Buenos Aires in the late 1800s. The mesmerizing beat, melody and nostalgic elements of the Argentine Tango attract people from all stages and walks of life. These days one can go and dance nearly anywhere around the world where the universal language of dance unites our global society. Tango peaked in popularity in Paris in the 1930s and is once again undergoing a renaissance. It's a fun dance which not only exercises the body but also the mind and soul. Reaching and expressing ones feelings of desire, lament, pain and joy all in one dance. While dancing Tango there is one leader and one follower who through their embrace and connection a smooth and flowing movement is created around the dance floor in either a simple or dynamic form.  We teach several styles of dance in Argentine Tango and Salsa at Viva Latina Dance, in Tango ranging from the social salon style, and close embrace (milonguero) to the more advanced show tango. And other styles of tango include Milonga, Vals (waltz) and Canyengue. Our aim is to make dancing a fun and challenging experience for dancers of all levels. We also teach Latin Dance as part of the dance curriculum for both primary & secondary students.

The Argentine Tango has recently been named as part of the world's intangible cultural heritage of humanity by the United Nations see this link for more info http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/videos/2931428