Private Lessons

 Accelerate your learning

Private Lessons

Private classes are an effective way to accelerate your learning. By taking a private one-to-one class with us, you are investing in tuition tailored to your level and preferred path of progress. You benefit by being in an environment where you are expertly coached and immediately corrected, preventing bad habits from forming, that could otherwise take months or years to correct.


The price for one person or a couple is the same. 

$80 for a one-off lesson with venue hire cost on top. 

$240 for a block of four prepaid lessons with venue hire cost on top. 

Cheaper rates are available for regular weekly lessons. Please contact us for more details. 

Venue hire differs depending on time and venues availability usually $25-$35/hr - could use your lounge if that suits better, will incur extra travel costs though depending on location.

Please note: once booked in, 96 hours cancellation notice is required otherwise venue hire payment may be required.

Tango Private Lesson with Anna Serova in Wellington