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Alex White - A Dedicated Dance Instructor and Performer

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Alex trained in dancing while living in Argentina and has trained with and learned from dozens of well-known and accomplished teachers such as Osvaldo Zotto, Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas & Pablo Veron (stars of "The Tango Lesson"), as well as over 40 other teachers, including in Australasia: Fabio Robles, David Backler, Miriam & Graciela, and Graham Dallow.

Alex has competed and judged in a number of competitions, both in New Zealand and Argentina, coming first in a salsa competition in Buenos Aires, as well as placed in several competitions in New Zealand, some of the highlights have included performing on national T.V. several times both in New Zealand & Argentina - as well as starring in sell-out shows for Wellington's fringe festival including "Tangomania" and "Penas del Bandoneon". 

Alex has been teaching both Argentine Tango and Latin Dance since 1997 in NZ. For Latin dance, Alex mainly teachers Latin-American dance styles including folklore, Cuban Salsa, Rueda, Bachata and Zouk, and linear Salsa. As part of his passion for social dance, he hosted Wellington's longest-running Tango and salsa dance event.

Alex greatly enjoys teaching and performing with his assistants. As a team of dedicated dancers, they cover many of the different styles of tango in both open & close embrace styles, and he loves to teach and perform Tango Salon /Nuevo, as well as Argentine folkloric dances and Latin dances. His teaching manner is very relaxed and patient, with emphasis on fluidity and enjoyment. 

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